Drum Hut Studios is a 3 room, custom built recording studio based in Benfleet, Essex. It has Independent suspended walls and each room has an individual floating floor for excellent separation. The studio has 16 tracks of live recording (expandable for overdubbing)  5 headphones monitor mixes. We runs the latest version of logic with Adam monitors, Millennia HV-3D, Daking mic Pre VI and  pre amps and a wide selection of microphones including Neuman TlM103’s and Neuman KM 184’s.







Sarah studioRoom 1:

The live room is ideal for rhythm section. This room has 60% acoustic treatment enabling us to capture the natural sound of acoustic instruments and the room ambience  separately, blending the two at a later stage to give a sound that is much larger than the actual space.  This room includes a Yamaha p90 piano, a selection of drum Kits and percussion and is also ideal for overdubbing a horn section.

Room 2:

The booth has 100% acoustic treatment and is ideal for vocals, acoustic guitar, or sax. It can also be used to remote a guitar amp so the musicians can all play together but we can maintain separation for mixing.

 Room 3:

The Control room also has 100% acoustic treatment to provide clarity when mixing and is also wired to be used as another booth if necessary.


Spec ListIMG_2644

Mic List

Pre amps:pre amps
Millennia HV-3D
Daking mic Pre VI






In house extras (at no extra charge).