A great sound starts with a great room

Welcome to Drum Hut

The first stop for a personal recording service.

We can:

  • Record live drums and percussion  and add them to your music and emailing back to you.
  • Help producing  your music from scratch with a live  band of professionals to bring your songs to life.
  • We can: Record/Produce/Mix and Master  your music from start to finish.
  • With years of industry expierience Marc can assist with all aspects of the recording process

Tec Spec:

Drum Hut is a custom built recording studio and teaching suite with acoustically treated live and control rooms. We run Apogee Symphony DA convertors, Daking, API  and Millennia preamps, Adam Audio Monitors and the latest version of Logic. 

Mic’s include:

Neumann TLM 103 x2, Neumann KLM184 x2, , Sure SM7B, Electro-Voice RE20, Beyerdynamic M160 x2, Sennheiser 421 x3, Sennheiser E604 x3, AKG D112, Sure Beta 52a, Yamaha Sub Kick, Sennheiser MK4 x2, Sure SM57 x2, Sure Beta 57a x2

Previous Clients

This is a sample of clients we have worked with remotely and in person. We would be delighted to be part of your music.